Primary School

Primary School

Primary School

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The AGS Primary School is a cross-curriculum program for learners aged between 6 and 11 years old. It combines 6 academic subjects:

  • Arts
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies (including UAE)
  • Language
  • Physical, Social and Personal Education
Integrated with six transdisciplinary themes:
  1. How we organize ourselves
  2. Sharing the planet
  3. Where we are in place and time
  4. How we express ourselves
  5. How the world works
  6. Who we are

Although the transdisciplinary themes are the same each year, the focus, content, central ideas, and lines of inquiry change. The PYP program is a framework that is learner-centered, inquiry and concept-based and is a technologically driven way of learning. Being inquiry-based, the PYP program allows our learner's ample opportunities to personalize their learning experiences, with the support and guidance of our highly skilled teaching and support staff.

Children are naturally inquisitive, and the PYP program allows the encouragement of this curiosity in our children’s learning. The goal of the PYP program is to make all learning experiences authentic and allow our learners to make sense of the world they live in.

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