School Uniform

School Uniform

School Uniform

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Dress Code and School Uniform

As a school we believe that our school uniform and dress code should reflect the standards and ethos of AGS. It is important to remember that when our learners are wearing the AGS logo albeit in or outside of school, they are representing us.

We have clear guidelines on the uniform and dress code, and we expect both learners and parents to adhere to them in order to maintain the high reputation of the school.

In addition to wearing the school uniform, learners are expected to follow the guidelines outlined below:

  • Skirts must be below the knee and should not be altered. (Skirts must sit at mid-calf length when sat down).

School Uniform
  • Trousers must be those recommended by the school. All learners are not permitted to wear tight trousers or jeans.

School Uniform
  • Boys' shirts must always be tucked in.

School Uniform
  • For religious sensitivity, a long-sleeved sports top may be worn under the existing PE kits for girls.

School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory for all students while on school premises. The uniform can be purchased from our uniform provider ZAKS, either by visiting the store at Uptown Mirdif.

  • Boys – Black leather shoes (no trainer type shoes).

  • Boys - Plain black socks.

  • Girls – Black leather shoes.

  • Girls – Plain white socks.

  • Sports shoes – Must have non-marking soles for PE.

Jewellery and Accessories
  • Girls are permitted to wear one pair of stud earrings in their lobes which must be removed for PE lessons and sports ASAs.

  • Any watches worn should not be excessively expensive and should be taken off for PE lessons and sports ASAs (learners must hand watches to the teacher for safekeeping). Smart watches are not allowed.

  • If jewelry other than that mentioned is worn, the learner will be reminded of the school rules, asked to remove it and a message to parents will be sent via parents communication portal.

  • The belts worn must be black leather and smart.

  • The PE department and school cannot be held responsible for any losses of jewelry or watches that are lost or not handed in before PE/sports ASA class.

Hair Styles

All learners are expected to keep their hair clean and tidy and tied back for Health and Safety reasons.

  • Girls with hair longer than shoulder length must keep it fully tied back at all times.

  • Hair bands (plain colors only: black, white, dark blue or gold).

  • Boysʼ hair should be no longer than shoulder length.

  • Religious scarves (plain colors only: black, white, gold/beige or navy/dark blue).

Make up, Nail Varnish and Temporary Tattoos

Make up, Nail Varnish and Temporary Tattoos are strictly not allowed.

Winter wear
  • Boys – Black leather shoes (no trainer type shoes).

    ID Lanyards: Must always be worn and be visible, for safeguarding reasons.